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A Beginning Guide To Valorant
3 months ago


What Can You Expect from Valorant Meta in 2021?

If you're worried about spending money on games we have good newsfor you: Valorant is completely free to use. It is possible to log into Valorant using the credentials that you've got from League of Legends. Riot Games has changed their logins for all their games.


Like the competition in the first-person shooter niche The primary game mode in VALORANT is a 5v5 defusal game where teams rotate between attacking or protecting. The team that has won 13 rounds wins. Here at BetterGamer If you'd like to learn more about What Can You Expect from Valorant Meta in 2021?


The most significant distinction between VALORANT the CS:GO game and its most popular rival CS-GO is the Agents. These are the characters you choose to play. VALORANT features 15 agents, which is a major distinction from the CS:GO. Each agent has unique strengths, weaknesses, and abilities. While this might seem overwhelming at first but it's not difficult to become familiar with the distinct strengths and limitations of every Agent.


For beginners there are other games to get you acquainted with the game. When you first launch VALORANT you will be required to complete a tutorial. This tutorial teaches the basics of VALORANT including how to win a round, Attack, and movement.


Setting the right mood is crucial.


Be sure that you are satisfied with your settings prior to you start playing. These settings are generally simple.


If you're new to a different fps title, you'll want to recreate the sensitivity that you're familiar with. It may be more difficult to find the sweet spot when you're an MOBA player, and you want to play VALORANT.


Professional players often use 400 to 800 dots per inch with sensitivities that range from 0.4 to 0.88. These numbers are just guidelines, and you should choose the one that feels most comfortable to you. Be prepared to make changes to your sensitivity! The numbers you pick aren't fixed in stone.


You can also alter the crosshair. You can request crosshair settings you've seen in a live stream or take a little time and experiment with the various settings yourself. Changes made to your crosshair right away through the menu. This lets you quickly identify if you're in the right direction.


After you've setup your game, you're now ready to enter VALORANT!




For you to be competitive, you will have to master the basics of how to prepare for fight.


You should be able to utilize the different guns in VALORANT. You can use the firing range to test the guns against bots, and also learn how spray control works to eliminate your adversaries. There are some challenges incorporated to help bring out the competitor within you.


It is also possible to use this firing range to test the capabilities of your agent. It's a great way to make sure you know what you're dealing with or how you can use the Agent you select.


Agent Roles


There are four main Agent role in VALORANT and each one is paramount in putting together an effective team to fight your adversaries.


Controllers provide support for their teams by providing utilitarian. Think of slows, smokes, and walls. The four controllers are Omen, Brimstone and Omen.


Controllers are aided by the initiators, but they approach it in a different manner. Initiators challenge angles and force opponents to back with their utility. For instance, they may use stuns or gather information regarding your opponent's location. They're our primary class for killing. Sova, Breach, and Skye are thought to be initiators. BetterGamer will ask you to answer this question: What Can You Expect from Valorant Meta in 2021?.


Duelists are equipped with skills that enable them to look for fights, take the win, and open up some or all of the routes available to their teammates. They can utilize flashes or other techniques to open up areas for themselves. They must be at the top of engagements. This class is by far the largest player, with players having the choice between Phoenix, Jett, Raze, Reyna, and Yoru.


We find the Sentinels as the last class in VALORANT. Sentinels are specialists in defensive tactics who are able to hold the sides of an attack or defend a bomb location. Sentinels can be found in the background of fighting because of their expertise. Cypher, Killjoy, and Sage make up this class.


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